More Miner Action

When we last looked at the weekly chart we saw that the Miners had formed a weekly swing low. This week they have delivered bullish follow through.

The Miners have broken above the declining weekly trend line this week to confirm that this is week 2 of a new intermediate cycle. The Miners are currently in a weekly uptrend. They will remain in their weekly uptrend unless they close below the lower weekly cycle band. A break above the Multi Year Resistance level would indicate a resumption of the Miner bull market.

Off to the Races

Back in June we looked at the Semi Conductors

We discussed how the Semi’s were poised to begin the next leg up in their bull market.

This week the Semi’s are breaking out to new highs.

The big picture is that the Semi’s had close to a 20 year consolidation. They broke above the multi year consolidation in 2017 and then crawled along that resistance level for 2 years. They have now broken out to new highs to begin the next leg up in its bull market.

This is very similar to what the Nasdaq went through.

The Nasdaq had a multi year consolidation. Once it broke above it crawled along its resistance level for 2 years before breaking higher and then it was off to the Races …

The Train Is Leaving The Station

Back in June we looked at the Semi Conductors

We discussed how the Semi’s were poised to begin the next leg up in their bull market.


Tonight we can see that the train is leaving the station.


The question that I would ask myself if I did not have a position is:
“After a 17 year consolidation what’s more important? A perfect entry or just getting on board?”

Gold Bull Update

I want to update my long term projection for Gold

The fate of gold is tied to the dollar.

Historically, gold has traded inversely to the dollar.
The dollar has recently entered a bear market.
Consequently, gold has entered a new bull market.

The dollar cycles through a 15 year super cycle.
That super cycle has peaked and confirmed the 15 year super cycle decline
In the short term I expect some volatility with gold.
But the prognosis for gold long term is very bullish.

In my Special Report – The Gold Bull Update
I will compare gold now to where it was when it began the last gold bull.
I will then relate what that means in terms of the dollar’s 15 year super cycle.

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