Cycles provides a framework for viewing the market. Assets (such as stocks, gold, and the dollar) have identifiable cycles. The foundation of cycle analysis is that each asset (price series) has a typical timing band, measured in days, weeks, and months for which it rallies and then declines into a cycle low.  Cycle analysis attempts to develop a dynamic framework of expectations.  The interaction of the daily cycles with the weekly cycles help to provide a directional tendency from which to base trades, in order to capitalize on higher probability set-ups.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to clarify, would you be giving only reports or real time buy and sell calls also. Appreciate all the good work you have done till now for free.

    • Ravee,

      The only change is moving the Weekend Report to Subscription Services.

      I do not give real time buy and call signals.

      My goal is to provide an ongoing framework of expectations to better interpret market action.

    • The reason why some charts appear as thumbnails may simply be that I choose the wrong image code.

      I will try to pay better attention, thanks 🙂

  2. Hi, hope your doing well…

    How do you define your cycle ? and is there any book you recomend about cycles. I read J.M. Hurst – The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing.


  3. Have watched your work for sometime. I appreciate your putting something out there everyday. I know it has to be a grind sometimes. I was wondering what you set your TSI settings are. Forgive me if I have asked this question before. If I have I have forgotten what you told me. Thanks.

  4. Hi, do you have a subscription service also ? As I cannot find anything on the website itself I was curious….and as per the comments here it seems that one exists etc.

    Thank you,

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