Worse Case Scenario

Stocks broke bearishly out of the megaphone topping pattern this week. 

Stocks are currently in a daily downtrend.  Rejection by the lower trend line will indicate a continuation of the daily downtrend and trigger a cycle band sell signal.

However, this may be the best buying opportunity of the year.   In the Weekend Report I take a look at the bigger picture for stocks. I discuss where stocks are in their daily weekly and yearly cycles. And why I believe that the best opportunity for gains for the year is still in front of us. 

I am offering a special 6 Week Trial Subscription offer for $15 this week — which I will extend through Sunday night. Your 6 week trial subscription you will give you full access to the premium site which includes:

1) The Weekend Report, which is posted usually Saturday mornings. It discusses Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, Oil, & Bonds in terms of daily, weekly and yearly cycles – Which includes the Likesmoney Cycle Tracker.

2) The Mid-Week Update. Posted on Wednesday’s is a review of the daily charts for the above mentioned asset classes.

3) The Weekend Updates take a look of the daily & weekly charts of GBTC, DAX, GYX, NATGAS & XLE.

4) Weekly Update of the Bullish Percentile Bingo

5) Frequent updates of my proprietary FAS Buy/Sell Indicator

The goal of the Weekend Report is to develop an on-going framework of expectations using cycle analysis.

>>> For the special 6 Week Trial Subscription offer for $15. click here.

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