Waiting For Stocks To Cross The Line

The Dow Jones Industrial is seeking out its DCL.

The Dow broke below the daily cycle trend line, turned the 10 day MA lower, and is in its timing band for a daily cycle low. And Thursday’s bullish reversal eases the parameters for forming a daily swing low. A swing low and break above the declining trend line will signal a new daily cycle.

It’s questionable if day 27 represents a DCL for the Nasdaq. However, the tech heavy Nasdaq is breaking out to new highs. The Nasdaq is currently in a daily uptrend. Breaking out to a new high signals a continuation of the daily uptrend and triggers a cycle band buy signal.

The broader S & P has been consolidating for almost the past 2 weeks. A break below the day 27 low of 4630.66 should see stocks complete their daily cycle decline. But with the Nasdaq breaking out to new highs, it is possible for the S & P to follow. A break above the day 27 high of 4718.50 will shift the odds of stocks entering a melt-up phase and stops should then be raised to the new breakout level.

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