Miner Expectations

The Miners formed a swing low on Wednesday and closed above the 10 day MA on Friday to signal a new daily cycle.

What are the expectations for this new daily cycle?

The above chart is a look at the last 9 years for the Miners.

Highlighted are the rallies that began during the summer months (late May through early September).

Hope history repeats itself.

5 thoughts on “Miner Expectations

  1. To me it all looks now like things were in April 2011, I.e. right before monetary policy tightening, at the peak of the prior monetary policy cycle (lumber in established decline, bonds growing to 200dma, $NAA50R falling and arround 60% while SM was surging) except that now….gold and bonds act and should be ….SMARTER!
    Unlike în 2011, that 200dma of TLT etf bears a tremendous probability to stand as resistance, we are în K-Wave Summer and the Summer should send interest rates higher with….all due bearish consequences

  2. didn’t last DC fail (ie we are in IC decline)? Looks to me we have at least another DC or two lower before IC.

    • Jas,
      The Miners broke below the previous DCL on day 34 to form a failed daily cycle, confirming the intermediate cycle decline.
      In the Weekend Report, we discussed how the Miners are in a weekly uptrend and formed a bullish weekly reversal — easing the parameters for forming a weekly swing low.

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