Beware Bonds

Bonds finally appear to have confirmed a new daily cycle.

Bonds printed their lowest point last Friday. That was day 12, which is usually too early for a daily cycle low. However bonds have now:
* Broke above the declining trend line
* Delivered a bullish zero line crossover on the TSI
* Closed above the lower daily cycle band
* Closed above the 10 day MA
* Managed to turn the 10 day MA higher.

All of which convinces me that day 12 hosted the DCL.

The bigger picture is that bonds are in their timing band for a yearly cycle low and are in an interemdiate cycle decline.

Bonds have formed a monthly swing high in October. A monthly swing high is required for the yearly cycle decline. Bonds will need to deliver some bearish follow through to confirm that the yearly cycle is in decline.

Bonds are already in a daily downtrend. If the yearly cycle decline has begun then I suspect that we will see bonds backtest the 50 day MA and then rollover into another left translated daily failed cycle in order to complete the yearly cycle decline.


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