Miner Update

0 miner surprise

The Miners broke above the declining trend line on Monday to confirm the new daily cycle.

1 gdx daily

I have received some emails asking if the Miners have also began a new intermediate cycle. There is no evidence on the daily chart to suggest that the Miners are in a new intermediate cycle. In fact, the Miners are currently in a daily downtrend, which is characterized by lows forming below the lower daily cycle band and highs forming below the upper daily cycle band. The Miners will need to close above the upper daily cycle band to signal a new intermediate cycle.

So while there is no evidence pointing to the Miners being in a new intermediate cycle, there is a weekly swing low that has formed which does open the possibility that the intermediate low has printed.

2 gdx weekly

The Miners formed a weekly swing low on Monday. Our weekly cycle count places the Miners on week 11, which is too early for an intermediate cycle low. Only a close above the declining 50 week MA would change that view.

The Selling on Strength numbers also support that the Miners are still seeking out their intermediate cycle low.

3 gdx sos

Monday was day 5 for the new Miner cycle. Four of the past five days were bullish for the Miners. However, four of the past five days saw the Miners print large Selling on Strength numbers. And these large SOS numbers are the type of numbers associated with an intermediate decline.


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