Miner Breakout


The Miners broke convincingly above the declining trend line on Tuesday.


I received plenty of emails today asking if the Miner’s breakout on Tuesday signals that day 14 hosted an early daily cycle low. The evidence suggest no. The Miner’s first 10 daily cycles since emerging from the bear market bottom back in December, 2015 averaged 23.7 days. The previous 2 daily cycles ran 49 and 39 days respectively. So 14 days historically is just too early for a DCL, so we will label it as a half cycle low. That makes Tuesday day 22 for the daily Miner cycle. A new high on day 22 shifts the odds towards a right translated daily cycle formation.

The second reason for labeling Tuesday as day 22 for the Miners is the status of the daily gold cycle.


Gold is the driver to the precious metals market. Gold only had a mid-cycle consolidation which makes Tuesday clearly day 19. The new high on day 19 shifts the odds towards a right translated cycle formation. Which aligns with where the Miners are in their daily cycle.


The Miners delivered a large Selling on Strength number on Tuesday. Often times these large Selling on Strength numbers appear at or near cycle tops. Which is another reason that supports a day 22 labeling for the Miners.

In Wednesday’s Mid-Week Report I plan to discuss where this places gold and the Miners in their intermediate cycle and tie that in with what the dollar is doing.


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