The 6/02/17 Morning Update


Gold closed lower on Thursday.


The lower close eases the parameters for forming a swing high. A break below 1262.00 forms a swing high. And then a break below the daily cycle trend line confirms that the daily cycle is in decline.

Gold has yet to print a failed daily cycle during this intermediate rally. Since 2 out of the past 4 daily cycles stretched past 40 days it is still possible for gold to form a left translated daily cycle, even with a new high on day 15.

The Miners are being contained by the declining trend line and they have not followed gold higher. This bearish divergence is a signal of an impending intermediate decline for gold. The Miners have already locked in a left translated daily cycle formation.


Thursday was day 20 for the daily Miner cycle. The Miners need to break below the day 15 low of 22.20 in order to complete their daily cycle decline. And if gold is in the process of forming a failed daily cycle, then the Miners will likely follow. A break below 20.89 will form a failed daily cycle for the Miners.

A rallying dollar will likely send gold into its intermediate cycle decline.

$$$ daily

The dollar printed its lowest point on day 38, following the day 10 peak. That places the dollar deep in its timing band for a daily cycle low. The dollar is also in its timing band for forming an intermediate cycle low. The dollar has already formed a daily swing low and a weekly swing low. A break above the declining trend line will confirm a new daily cycle for the dollar.

The catalyst that could set things in motion is Friday’s jobs report.


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