Bearish Dollar Signals


In the Weekend Report we looked at how the dollar’s weekly cycle set-up has us expecting a left translated daily cycle formation. Today I want to point out some bearish dollar signals

1 $$$ Daily

First off I want to point out that the dollar has established a daily downtrend. It will remain in a downtrend until it can close above the upper daily cycle band.

Second, the True Strength Indicator has reached a level that has previously seen the dollar’s cycle roll over.

The next signal looks at the money flow. For this we need to switch to the ETF UUP

2 $$$ daily

There has been a huge bearish money flow as the dollar is in the process of printing a lower high.

3 $$$ daily

The was a similar huge bearish money flow the last time the dollar printed a lower high before its declining into its yearly cycle low.

And the dollar is in its timing band to seek out its yearly cycle low…


2 thoughts on “Bearish Dollar Signals

  1. Hi Mr. Likesmoney, I am concerned that bonds seem to create a failed daily cycle. This early in a new intermediate cycle? What are your thoughts? -Thanks.

  2. I looked at bonds in tonight’s report.
    Bonds would have to break belw the revival us daily cycle low of 118.07 to fo m a failed a failed cycle

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