The 1/20/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar peaked on day 16 and has printed its lowest point on Tuesday, day 26, which places the dollar in its timing band for printing a daily cycle low.

A swing low formed on Thursday. But the dollar needs to break above the declining trend line to confirm the new daily cycle.


Stocks have been trading in a narrow range for over the past 6 weeks. While stocks remain above the upper daily cycle band, indicating a daily uptrend, the momentum indicators have been developing a bearish divergence.

Friday was day 13 for the daily equity cycle. If the intermediate cycle is to form as a left translated weekly cycle then the current daily cycle would need to also form as a left translated cycle. Therefore a close below the daily cycle trend line should send stocks into their daily cycle decline. It would also lock in an extremely left translated daily cycle formation.

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