This Ain’t No Pony Ride


The current set for the Miners is beginning to look like last year’s yearly cycle low.

Last year the Miners printed a lower low in November and then consolidated that move lower. The momentum indicators were diverging bullishly. Then the bull kicked for one final flush lower that marked yearly cycle low.

The Miners delivered a flush lower on Thursday.

In the Weekend Report I breakdown the Miners in terms of their daily, weekly, and yearly cycles. I cover what I am looking at that will confirm when the Miners print their daily cycle low.

This week I am offering a special 6 week trial membership for $15. You will receive 6 weeks of Likesmoney Subscription Service.

The 6 week trial subscription includes:
* The Weekend Report – which covers the daily, weekly and yearly cycles of the Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, Oil, and Bonds.
* The Mid-Week Update – updates the daily and weekly charts covered in the Weekend Report.

I also post what I call my Weekend Updates.
The Weekend Updates cover:
* The FAS Buy/Sell Indicator
* Copper
* The Bullish Percentage BINGO

So please click here for the special 6 week trial subscription.

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