Cycle Low Signs Adding Up


The signs are adding that stocks have left behind a daily cycle low.


Stocks printed their lowest point on Friday. That was day 58 which placed stocks deep in their timing band to print a daily cycle low. Stocks formed a swing low on Monday and then delivered convincing bullish follow through on Tuesday. While stocks still need to break above the declining trend line for final confirmation, stocks did close above the upper daily cycle band. The close above the upper daily cycle band indicates that stocks are renewing their daily uptrend. They will remain in an uptrend until they close below the lower daily cycle band.

The dollar confirmed a new daily cycle on Monday. Today there are signs that an intermediate cycle low has been left behind.

3 $$$ weekly

Last week was week 36, which placed the dollar very deep in its timing band for an intermediate cycle low. The dollar has already formed a weekly swing low. Assuming that the dollar does not break lower here, then this should mark the intermediate cycle low. A weekly close above the lower weekly cycle band will signal a new weekly cycle. A break of the declining weekly trend line will provide us final confirmation that the intermediate low has been seen.

But the bigger picture for the dollar is down. In my Special Dollar Report we will look at the bigger picture for the dollar. We will look at where the dollar is in its yearly cycle, 3 year cycle and its 15 year super cycle. And then we will look at what happened to gold.

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