Fuel for the Fire


The Miners daily cyce peaked on day 25 and formed a swing high on day 27. They printed their lowest point on Tuesday day 29, breaching the daily cycle trend line which confirms the daily cycle decline.


The Miners rallied on Wednesday and formed a swing low today which makes this day 3 for the new daily cycle. The Miners are in a daily uptrend and will remain in one until they close below the lower daily cycle band.

And the dollar beginning its daily cycle decline should help the Miners.


The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on Wednesday, day 13. A swing high formed today that closed below the daily cycle trend line to confirm that the dollar has begun its daily cycle decline. With today being only day 14, the dollar can trend lower for another 4 to 14 days before printing its daily cycle low.

Which will only add fuel to the fire …


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