Fractal Energy


Below is 35 years of price history for the S&P.

1 spx 35 years

Stocks go through periods of bullish and bearish trends.

The consolidation and then release of fractal energy results in a trending move.

2 fractal 35

Fractal energy consolidates as it declines towards the red line (upper indicator). A bullish crossover on the upper indicator signals a release of the fractal energy.

The release of fractal energy results in a trending move. The move could be bullish or bearish. The last two failed yearly cycles ushered in devastating bear markets, the Dot Com Bear and the Financial Crisis Bear. Those bear markets were characterized by a release of fractal energy

In a Special Report: Fractal Energy, we will look at the historic release of Fractal Energy and the resulting trending moves. Then we will look at the current set up to see how close we are to another release of Fractal Energy.

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