Golden Patterns


There seems to be some compelling similarities between the 1996-99 gold bear market and the current bear market in gold.

1 g 1999

Gold plunged close to 40% from the January 1996 high to the July 1999 low.
Gold then proceeded to rally 23.3% rally out of 1999 bear market low.

2 g 2016

Gold plunged over 45% from the September, 2011 high to the December, 2015 low.
Gold rallied 20.8% out of the 12/15 intermediate low

3 g 1999 extended

Back in 1999, gold needed 21 months following the final bear market low before embarking on a sustainable uptrend.

While we do not know what tomorrow will bring, if gold continues to follow this analog this suggests further patience is needed while we wait on a sustainable uptrend.


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