Change of Nature


The Big Picture is beginning to change for Gold.


Since peaking in 2011, gold has been in the grip of a bear market. But the rally out of the recent yearly cycle low has gold breaking above the bear market trend line.

And I believe that that dollar is helping to drive this change.


The dollar dropped over 2.6% this week giving up all of the gains since early November leaving no doubt that the dollar is declining into an intermediate cycle low. And I believe that there are even bigger implications at play. I discuss this in the Special Report on the Status of the Dollar.

This week I am offering a special 6 week trial membership along with the bonus report: The Status of the Dollar for $25. So you will receive 6 weeks of Likesmoney Subscribers access along with the Special Report: Status of the Dollar which include:
* The Weekend Report
* The Mid-Week Update
and I also post what I call my Weekend Updates.
The Weekend Updates cover:
* The FAS Buy/Sell Indicator
* The Bullish Percentage BINGO

So please click here if you are interested in the 6 week trial subscription and Special Report: The Status of the Dollar.


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