The Big Picture


The following three charts take a multi year look at NATGAS, Oil, and the Miners.




3 Observations:

1) They all experience multi year cycles.
2) They all are in their timing band to form a multi year low.
3) They appear to be waiting for a catalyst.

$$$ 3 year

The dollar losing the 3 year trend line just might be the catalyst …

This week I am offering a special 6 week trial membership along with the bonus report Miner Details for $25.

The goal of the Weekend Report is to develop an on-going framework of expectations using cycle analysis. It discusses Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, The CRB Index, & Bonds in terms of daily, weekly and yearly cycles and includes the Likesmoney CycleTracker.

You will also have access to my proprietary FAS Buy/Sell Indicator.

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