Miner Details

Miner Details


This week I have posted a special report for subscribers, Miner Details. The goal of the report is to define the past cyclical behavior of the Miners so then it can be used as a foundation for identifying future Miner cycles.


The report looks at the yearly cycles for the past 16 years.
This allows us to identify not only the yearly cycle duration, but the multi-year cycle duration as well.

Then we look at the 18 intermediate cycles since the 2008 low.
These intermediate cycles will be grouped by their corresponding yearly cycles.

Finally we break down the daily cycles stretching back to the 2008 low. These daily cycles will be organized by their intermediate cycles.

The Miner cyclical behavior is then summarized and organized by:
Multi-year cycles
Yearly Cycles
Intermediate (Weekly) Cycles
Daily Cycles.

This weekend I am offering a special 6 week trial membership along with the bonus report Miner Details for $25.

The goal of the Weekend Report is to develop an on-going framework of expectations using cycle analysis. It discusses Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, The CRB Index, & Bonds in terms of daily, weekly and yearly cycles and includes the Likesmoney CycleTracker.

You will also have access to my proprietary FAS Buy/Sell Indicator.

Click here to sign up for access to the special Miner Details report and 6 week trial subscription for $25.


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