The 11/13/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on Tuesday, day 18. It formed a swing high on Wednesday. A break of the daily cycle trend line will confirm the daily cycle decline.

The peak on day 18 has locked in a right translated cycle which means the next daily cycle should print a higher high. By closing above the upper daily cycle band the dollar has established a daily uptrend. The dollar will remain in the daily uptrend until it closes below the lower daily cycle band.


The daily equity cycle managed to break above the upper daily cycle, peaking on day 25. This indicates that stocks are in a daily uptrend.

Stocks formed a swing high off the day 25 peak and declined through Friday, day 33, placing stocks in their timing band to print a daily cycle low. If a daily cycle low formed here then it would have formed above the lower daily cycle band, maintaining the daily uptrend. However, a close below the lower daily cycle band would indicate that the intermediate declien has begun. A swing low and trend line break are necessary to confirm a new daily cycle. A break above 2044.64 forms a daily swing low.

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