Wednesday Night Report


The dollar broke above the declining trend line today to confirm this as a new daily cycle.

1 $$$

Since the previous cycle failed, we are expecting this daily cycle to form a left translated cycle & peak on or before day 8 and then continue down into its intermediate cycle decline.

I believe that the Miners are waiting for the dollar’s daily cycle to roll over before printing a daily cycle low.


The dollar rallying out of its DCL is sending the Miners into their DCL. Once the dollar’s daily cycle peaks, we should see the Miners form a daily cycle low. Our expectation is for the dollar to peak by day 8 should bring the Miners in their timing band for a daily cycle low. And if the dollar does peak by day 8, that should allow for the Miners to form a right translated daily cycle. A right translated cycle formation allows us the expectation for the next daily cycle to form a higher daily cycle high.


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