Looking For Evidence


The dollar printed a failed daily cycle in August. That was followed with a cycle that did not fail in September And now the current cycle has formed a higher high.

1 $$$

The dollar printed a higher daily cycle low on 9/18. That followed with the current daily cycle printing a higher daily cycle high on 9/25. A higher high and a higher low is the definition of an uptrend which confirms that August hosted an intermediate low. Which means that this the 2nd daily cycle of the new intermediate cycle.

2 $$$ weekly

The 15 week ICL breached the 50 week MA in August. The first daily cycle did find support at the 50 week MA in September. By recognizing that August hosted an intermediate cycle low we can now see that the dollar has printed a lower weekly high and a lower weekly low, which is the definition of a down trend and a clear signal that the dollar has begun its decline into its 3 year cycle low.

The dollar has locked in a left translated daily cycle.  It is 4 days away from entering its timing band for a daily cycle low and approaching the rising 50 week MA. If the dollar loses the 50 week MA during this daily cycle decline that will provide more evidence of that the dollar has entered its 3 year cycle decline.


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