Balance of Payment


In this past weekend’s Weekend Report Preview we observed the large BOW that printed on Friday and also discussed the since the previous cycle peaked in mid-May there has been over 4.3 Billion in Buying on Weakness.

In contrast, stocks did print a large SOS day on Monday. That made me curious. So I decided to compare the recent BOW numbers to the recent Selling on Strength numbers.

sos spx

Since the previous daily cycle peak through Monday there has been a total of 1642 million in Selling on Strength. And since the March daily cycle low a total of over 1888 million Selling on Strength has printed.

bow spx

In contrast, from the previous daily cycle peak in Mid March through last Friday, 6/19, there has been over 4.3 Billion in Buying on Weakness. And since the cycle low in March there has been over 7.66 Billion in Buying on Strength through 6/19.

SOS since May Peak —- BOW since May Peak
1642 million SOS ———–4.3 Billion BOW

SOS since March Cycle Low —- BOW since March Cycle Low
1888 million SOS ————–7.66 Billion.

And since Monday stocks have added another 1.01 Billion BOW bring the total to 8.67 Billion.

From the March cycle low through today the BOW numbers are over four times that of the SOS numbers.


In the Weekend Report Preview I made available a BOW Special Report. This detailed BOW Special Report is still available through Saturday. This BOW report looks at the BOW numbers for this cycle. It then looks at the history of BOW numbers for intermediate lows dating back to the 2009 Financial Crisis Low. It compares the current numbers to the average BOW numbers for ICL’s and the BOW numbers leading into the 2009 low.

This report is still available as a Father’s Day Special. For $10 you will receive the Special BOW Report and a complimentary 30 membership to the Premium Website.

The Premium Website is where the Weekend Report is posted in it entirety.
Also included are the Weekend Updates.
The Weekend Updates cover
* Corn
* The FAS Buy/Sell Indicator
* The Bullish Percentage BINGO

And I also post a mid-week update on Wednesday evenings which updates the daily charts from the Weekend Report.

So to get a copy of the Special BOW Report and complementary 1 month membership please click here.


2 thoughts on “Balance of Payment

    • I do not know but it certainly seems that way. What we do know is that the money flows are calculated as the dollar value of composite uptick trades minus the dollar value of downtick trades. The up/down ratio reflects the value of uptick trades relative to the value of downtick trades. Money flow, uptick and downtick volume are in millions of US dollars.

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