The 1/16/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar just may have printed a stealth daily cycle low on Wednesday.

1 $$$ Daily

The dollar looks to have launched into a new daily cycle when the Swiss National Bank shocked markets by scrapping its currency cap. With an expectation of a left translated daily cycle, Thursday’s ECB meeting could cause the dollar to spike and then roll over into a daily cycle decline.


The daily equity cycle peaked on day 8, formed a swing high on day 9 and has been trending lower since.

Friday was day 21 for the daily equity cycle. At 21 days, stocks are still 9 days short of their timing band for a daily cycle low. We could still see a counter-trend rally that tags the declining cycle trend line before reversing lower. We will be watching for a break of the declining trend line to signal a new daily cycle.

And with a peak on day 8, stocks are at risk for forming a failed daily cycle, which would signal an intermediate cycle decline. A break below 1972.56 forms a failed daily cycle.

Here are a few teasers for the Weekend Report.

1) Stocks crashed in 2002 and 2009. There is a signal that I see currently developing on the monthly chart that occurred prior to these two stocks market crashes. I will discuss this signal in the Weekend Report.

2) Another item that we will look at in the Weekend Report is a bullish signal developing on the monthly gold chart. Gold went on to a multi year rally four out of the previous five times this signal occurred.

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The Weekend Report discusses Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, The CRB Index, & Bonds in terms of daily, weekly and yearly cycles.
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