The 12/15 Evening Report


I believed that the 12/01 candle obscured my daily cycle count for gold.


It breached the developing trend line near the timing band for the daily cycle low. Along with the bearish crossover of the TSI this looked in real time like an early daily cycle low.

But if 12/01 was the daily cycle low, then this new daily cycle would be forming in a left translated manner.

While we need to be open to that possibility, I think the GLD is showing us a better representation of gold’s daily cycle.


GLD does not have a trend line break on 12/01 and clearly has a cycle peak on day 22. A swing high has formed. Now a break of the daily cycle trend line would confirm the daily cycle decline. The good news is that gold is late in its daily cycle and we should see a swing low form soon after a trend line break.

Stocks formed a lower low today.


Monday was day 42 for the daily equity cycle. Stocks are in their timing band to print a daily cycle low. A swing low should mark the daily cycle low. A break above 2018.69 forms a swing low. A break of the declining trend line confirms the new daily cycle. Since this daily cycle has locked in a right translated nature we can expect to see the new daily cycle go on to print a higher daily cycle high.


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