Changing Tides


The dollar printed a new daily cycle high today. Monday was day 16 for the dollar’s daily cycle. And the new high has virtually locked in a right translated nature to this daily cycle.

1$$ Daily

And by breaking to a new high today, the dollar also regained the 200 day MA. This type of strength is characteristic of the first daily cycle of a new intermediate cycle. And it lends further evidence that the tide is changing and that the dollar is leaving behind a three year cycle low.

1 monthly $$$ swing

Monday was the first trading day in June and already the dollar has formed a monthly swing low. Not all monthly swing lows signal a new yearly/3year cycle. But a new yearly/3 year cycle cannot begin until there is monthly swing low. May was month 36 for the three year cycle. The dollar has averaged a three year cycle low every 35.5 months for over the past 30 years. So a monthly swing now has good odds of marking a new three year cycle.

And the dollar emerging out of a three year cycle low is part of the premise of the Special Gold Report that I made available here last night.

In this report I begin with a brief discussion of the dollar’s 15 year super cycle. Then I focus on the historical relation of dollar’s cycles in relation to the gold bull. And then discuss the dollar emerging out of a three year cycle low and its impact on gold.

I would like extend the offer of The Special Gold Report and a complementary 1 month subscription to the Likesmoney Premium Site for $30 one more night by clicking here.

The complementary subscription will give you full access to the premium site. It includes:

1) The Weekend Report, which is posted usually Sunday mornings. It discusses Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, The CRB Index, & Bonds in terms of daily, weekly and yearly cycles – Which includes the Likesmoney Cycle Tracker.

2)The Mid-Week Update. Posted on Wednesday’s– This is a review of the daily charts for the above mentioned asset classes.

3)Weekend Update look of the daily & weekly charts of Corn & DBA
4)Weekly Update of the Bullish Percentile Bingo
5) Frequent (just about daily) updates of my proprietary FAS Buy/Sell Indicator

The goal of the Weekend Report is to develop an on-going framework of expectations using cycle analysis.

I have also started a terminology section to explain some of the terms used.

For the Likesmoney Special Gold Report and 1 Month Trial Subscription click here


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