The FAS Buy/Sell Indicator


One of the strengths of cycle analysis is identifying cycle bottoms. Identifying tops is a bit more challenging, depending if a cycle is forming as a left or right translated cycle. So I began looking for a way to help identify equity cycle tops. Through much trial and error I developed the FAS Buy/Sell Indicator.

I was quite pleased with how well this spotted equity cycle tops (daily, weekly) so I began tracking it. Strictly using the generated buy/sell signals delivered a high percentage of success. Once I decided to applied a stop loss, the success rate went higher.

I provide the FAS Buy/Sell Indicator to my subscribers as another tool in the tool box for equity studies.

Here are the charts posted on Thursday morning, Friday morning and over the weekend.

This is an end of the day signal. So we begin by looking at Wednesday’s equity chart.

1 spx 4 2

Stocks ended Wednesday with a gain.

The FAS Buy/Sell Indicator, which I normally post the following morning, gave a warning signal heading into Thursday.

1 fas

So stocks printed a higher high on Thursday.

2 spx 4 3

Based on Thursday’s print, the FAS Buy/Sell Indicator delivered a sell signal heading into Friday. And the sell Stop was raised.


On Friday stocks managed to print a higher high before dropping.

3 spx 4 4
uploading pictures

The sell stop signal generated by the FAS Buy/Sell Indicator did its job. It helped to identify the equity cycle top and protected to the downside.

11 zfas

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