The 12/23/13 Morning Update

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We last left the dollar at a major inflection point waiting to see which way it will choose.

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The dollar appears to have chosen.

Our expectation for the dollar is to continue into its yearly cycle low. Therefore all daily cycles should form as left translated cycles which should peak on or before day 8. Friday was day 7. The swing high signals that the daily cycle is in decline. And that the dollar will continue to slide into its yearly and three year cycle low.

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2 thoughts on “The 12/23/13 Morning Update

  1. Thanks for your timely report LM,
    It appears that the Euro has more work to do yet to reach a DCL as it has not broken down through the trendline yet. Also, (depending on which charting service is used) the $USD may not have broken down through its 3-year cycle line yet. Both BarCharts and StockCharts seem to say that the $USD needs to break below 79.3 to break that trendline.

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