Gold Limbo

0 limbo

Gold printed what looks to be a daily cycle low last Tuesday. A swing low was formed on Thursday. Then gold was turned back by the declining trend line on Monday

GCY00 Commodity Futures Price Chart for Gold C

Gold is kind of stuck in limbo. We need a clear and and convincing break of either the declining trend line or the previous low to determine if gold is still in an intermediate decline or a new intermediate cycle.

Natgas formed a swing high today and closed testing the daily cycle trend line. A break below the trend line will send natgas into a daily cycle decline.

$ NATGAS Sharp Charts Workbench Stock Charts co

Natgas has already printed a lower daily cycle low. A break of the daily cycle trend line will form a lower high, signaling an intermediate decline.

nat gas weekly

The bigger picture for natgas shows that it is fast approaching the apex of the multi month triangle consolidation. There is strong resistance from the 50 moving average and the declining 200 moving average. A break of the triangle will likely produce a strong trending move.


4 thoughts on “Gold Limbo

  1. Thank you very much for adding Natgas to the mix. It’s one that I’ve been trading and adds value for me as a subscriber. Ted Kirke

    On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 7:13 PM, Cycle Trading

  2. Also, is there a web page which has all of your currently active reports on one page or in one place? It’s frustrating and confusing to have to keep logging in and entering passwords on different pages. I am now following FAS/FAZ as well as miners, crude, sp500, and natgas. I’m confused about where to go for the various reports, Some are in emails, some on, some are lmthis or lmthat… It would be much more user friendly and professional if one login got access to everything in the subscription. Isn’t that manageable through “permissions” or some security feature like that?

    Also the numbering system for your cycle summary is still not working for me. And I am not sure where to find it any more. Have you now created a glossary of what your words mean in lay terms? Perhaps some simple pictures for us math geeks would be useful.

    There is another website on cycles called which I am also trying out. I find it easier to read and understand…but it may not be regular enough. Ted Kirke

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