The 11/15/13 Weekend Report Preview

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The daily dollar cycle peak last Friday on day 10. This past week saw the dollar form a series of lower lows.

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With a break of the daily trend line and a bearish crossover of the TSI, the dollar appears to be ready to roll over into a daily cycle low. If the dollar loses the support at the 80.75 level, then the way will likely be lower. But since this is the first daily daily cycle of a new intermediate cycle it would be prudent to not under estimate the dollar. Friday was day 15 so there is 2 weeks before the latter part of the timing band for a daily cycle low. That is plenty of time for one more push higher.

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The daily equity cycle had been consolidating the gains from the rally out of the October low. Wednesday saw stocks break higher.

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Friday was day 27 for the daily equity cycle. With this being the third daily cycle of the intermediate cycle we were expecting this cycle to form as a left translated cycle. However by breaking higher this week stocks have locked in a right translated nature to this daily cycle. That will cause us to adjust our expectations. A right translated dailly cycle should be followed by a cycle that prints a higher high. But being the fourth daily cycle of this intermediate cycle, there is an even greater likelihood for that to be the terminal daily cycle. Therefore we should see the next daily cycle form in a left translated manner and fail.

I have decided to include, as a sample, this week’s Likemoney Cycle Tracker. This is a regular feature provided to subscribers in the Weekend Report.

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The entire Weekend Report can be found at Likesmoney Subscription Services

The Weekend Report discusses Dollar, Stocks, Gold, Miners, The CCI Index, & Bonds in terms of daily, weekly and yearly cycles.
Also included in the Weekend Report is the Likesmoney CycleTracker

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For subscribers: the full Weekend Report can be found at Likesmoney Subscription Services at

A free sample report can be found here:


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